-How do I hire your Services?
The best way is to give us a TEXT or CALL at (913.730.0530) or send us an EMAIL at [email protected] to set up an appointment for a consultation, on-site inspection, or Book your Balloons Immediately!!!

-How early should I contact you to book your Services?
Ideally, not less than 3 weeks before the event.  This is to confirm our availability for the date and to have enough time to discuss the details of your custom balloon decor, or artist availability.  Delivery bouquets need to be placed at about 48 hours in advance.

However, if you have less time, don't let that discourage you from calling us!
Bookings made less than 48 hours in advance may be subject to an up-charge.

-How long will it take to Install the Balloon Decor?
Depending on the design and the size of the decor, our team can take anywhere between 1 to 2 hours to finish most jobs, longer if custom, or if rigging is involved.

-How much does your Balloon Decor Cost?
We are specialized in all types of Balloon Decor that include Arches, Columns, Bouquets, Custom Sculptures and Custom Centerpieces.  Because each design varies in size and complexity, we work with all budgets big and small, one party at a time, to create the perfect decor for your event.

Call or email us and we'll be happy to work up a price quote that suits your needs.

-What are your payment terms? Do I need to make a deposit? What type of payment do you accept?
We require 1/3 deposit to reserve your date and time (minimum of $50). Then the remaining balance is due the day of your event. We accept personal and/or business checks made out to Pop Culture Sculptures, Paypal, most major Credit Cards, or good ol' fashioned Cash.

-Do you charge for delivery, installation, and/or strike-down for decor work?
We charge $25 for deliveries/drop-offs;
$50 for orders that take about an hour or less for set-up and staging;  
$100 for installations that require about 2 or more hours, requires a larger delivery vehicle, reduced time-frame in the event space, or involves rigging from ceilings over 20ft.

We prefer to strike-down the balloon decor! We create less waste for the environment by recycling the weights and mechanics (Fee's may be incurred if after normal hours, or requires lifts and ladders)

-When can you deliver balloon arrangments?
We provide speciality bouquets for all occasions so deliveries can be made at anytime of day, 7 days a week.  We just ask for about 48 hours notice, and a 30-minute window of opportunity to make the delivery to your recipient.

There is a $25 delivery fee for the general KC Metro, $50 for deliveries requested beyond the hours of 7am-7pm. Additional fee's for deliveries outside of the KC Metro.

-How long will the Balloons last?
Our balloons can be built to suit you specific event needs.  Helium-filled Latex balloons typically last 12-18 hours untreated, and Air-filled balloon decor can last for days (sometimes weeks).  We can extend the float time of our Helium-filled Latex balloons by over 10X with an industry standard, non-toxic additive (additional fee incurred). 

Outside decor, however, is sometimes affected by the elements over which we have no control.

-Are latex balloons biodegradable?
Yes, we use 100% Latex Balloons that are made from the sap of the rubber tree and biodegrade at the same rate as an oak leaf.